R&D and prototyping

From the concept to the final product.

photo: lLedluks courtesy Ikar, 2018

R&D and Prototyping

The development of new optical and opto-mechanical systems is central to our activity; in this field, we are engaged both in internal production and in production upon/according to customers’ request.

We put to their service our experience, gained in several years of activity in this sector and our knowledge; together with the instruments we possess, it allows us to provide them with the best possible outcomes. We are aware of the importance of those softwares necessary for systems’ modelling, raytracing and optimization to the extent that we hold training courses on the topic.

But we are also aware of the importance of possessing the necessary set of tools/instruments used in laboratory activities/work and we invest in this direction, both through the purchase of these necessary instruments and through the internal development of specific algorithms, which can make up for the shortcomings present also in renowned and expensive tools.

Liquid cooling Engine
progettazione fanali
medicale luce
prototipazione luce