Indoor e Outdoor lighting solutions.


This part of our activity regards the management of  indoor/outdoor architectural lighting, from the domestic to the retail environment solutions, to the museum and the architectural/urban, and the street lighting. Light engineering is important to add value to the artistic heritage in our cities of art or the garments on display in stores as well as food in supermarket aisles fringes.

Light engineering is about smart street lighting, maximizing citizens’ satisfaction, and saving energy reducing operational and maintenance costs. Light engineering is about providing the right lighting for every environment from office sand working spaces to gyms and sports halls to escape-way panels we need to locate in case of emergency.



Museum lighting involves paying special attention to photometric and colorimetric details as the way the surface of a painting or a sculpture is lit, the angle that is created, determine the chiaroscuro features, and the possibility to define and emphasize shapes. We put special care to provide the highest light quality so that the color as the painting subject may be enhanced according to the artist wish, at the same time we resort to our technical competencies and place maximum attention to grant that the adopted light may not alter the work of art in time.


We develop optical solutions for emergency, retail, downlight lighting systems for commercial and industrial areas.

Another area of study for us is that of lighting systems for furniture components and household appliances. Finally, we have studied lighting applications for the horticulture sector.

indoor lightning
luce orticultura
Lighting Outdoor


We can realize street lamps and lighting systems for parking lots, shopping centers (malls), and industrial sites. Our designs take into account the relevant regulations, the safety requirements, and the highest standards for visual comfort. We use the most advanced software to evaluate the photometric quality of our products.

illuminazione aeroportuale


We can boast extensive experience in design and manufacturing  airport lights, both for TLOF and fligh to obstruction warning. Our products are realized according to current regulations -ICAO, FATO- and we are fully aware of the very strict supervision that is attached to these standards.

illuminotecnica aeroportuale