Optical systems for driving

Automotive Lighting

The lighting for automotive is a cutting-edge sector in the optical field due to the precise photometric control required by the regulation, low power consumption, and lower costs. At the same time the optical design is bounded by designers’ indications proposing increasingly challenging shapes.

To fullfill these requirements normally new technical solutions are investigated involving new sources selection, new materials and production techniques. The solution applied in this field are often inherited in many other sectors like appliance e general lighting.

Front projectors and tail lamps

The emitting source evolution is well represented in the headlamp design starting from the incandescent light bulb, to the halogen, Xenon lamp up to LEDs and LASERs in hybrid system. The last tendency in the front projector design for automotive is the development of dynamic systems useful for a better road mapping and avoid annoying glare effects and minimization of the emitting area for line style

Front Lamp

Optical development

We design headlamp for all sources possibilities, DRL, city light using refractive and reflecting elements. For these activities we use, as software tools, SPEOS, APEX, TracePro, Zemax and many software custom made algorithms for tcomponents design, for photometry evaluation and optimization.

We have experience in the design of Lidar systems and cameras for autonomous driving cooperating with tier 1 companies active in this field.

Dettaglio Guida Luce

We also design illumination systems for car interiors lighting for the most renowned companies worldwide.