Optical systems for monitoring, surveillance and security


Area Luce develops and produces optical systems for monitoring, surveillance, and security. Our offer includes pyrome-tric sensors optics, IR illuminators, panoramic lenses, micro-lenses, TOF and LIDAR systems.

Pyrometric sensors can collect the energy emitted from a thermal source, converting it into an electric signal. The human body emits radiation in the range of 8-14um wavelength (LWIR zone) and, by means of a specific optics, this energy can be gathered on the sensor, allowing it to identify human presence. Typically optics operate selectively on some angular sectors detecting the movement of the warm body across the monitored area: this allows to identify human presence among the other possible static warm bodies in the environment.


Materials suitable for this specific application are scarce and difficult to work with. At the same time, the quality of the mi-niaturized optical structures is the discriminating feature in the value of the product and in its capacity to locate the furthest away subjects. We are experienced in creating such devices with optimization of the signal/noise ratio, even when the useful space for the optical components has to be minimized.


We design and produce miniaturized and panoramic optics for the monitoring of access areas and video surveillance. Enclosed in an area of a few millimeters we can create complex structures which can provide clear and clean, high- reso-lution images and optics that can film in a single sensor the surrounding area in a 360 degrees azimuth range.

Borrowing the expertise from the automotive sector, we can custom-design lidar and camera systems that supply tri-di-mensional evaluations based on the flight time measurement. Finally we also design systems for aerial vision, an appli-cation that requires especially particularly well-functioning resolution features to grant its effectiveness