PIR Optics, Lidar and TOF Camera Solutions.


Sensor devices can measure specific physical quantities (characteristics, properties) such as temperature, distance, acce-lerationacceleration, brightness, spectrum content, to provide their reference system with the necessary info to achieve the desired outcome. The sensor devices we consider are: LIDAR, PIR, TOF systems, RADAR, light barrier systems, etc.


Sensor devices find their application in various different fields: from the automotive sector to that of domotics, from industrial applications to robotics and biomedical engineering. Sensor devices allow for managing signals related to specific physical magnitudes, providing info and then carrying out subsequent actions.

As an example, MEMS can detect accelerations of the system and therefore protect the computer disc in case it is acci-dentally dropped or knocked to the ground. ABS systems or anti-lock braking systems help prevent car and motorcycle wheels from locking up and improve steering control whilst braking, Lidar uses active sensors in order to monitor the surrounding environment anTORId provide information to avoid possible collision with obstacles on its track. Overall, sensors provide the necessary information for the correct feedback of the system.

sensore ottico


Optics for sensors is progressively increasing in its importance as the number of applications in which sensors are applied grows. The main targets in this field concern sensitivity of the devices – specifically the S/N ratio – and the need for compactness, high resolution and low cost. These objectives are often conflicting one with the other and the challenge is to find the best trade off between them.

For instance, compactness proves most important against the need for miniaturization, cost reduction, and portability whereas “aperture” and high-degree resolution account for the need for high-level brightness and vision/view of details.

We have developed specific skills in designing optical systems for anti-intrusion sensors, LIDAR, range finder, barrier sensors, and la-ser systems for industrial measuring. We can also support our customers throughout the control-system development process.