Extreme Attention to Detail


We manufacture functional prototypes by “diamond turning” on a 4 axis synchronized machining center and different types of milling and turning operations with greater accuracy as far as the table on the side is concerned.

The surface quality obtained by “diamond turning” machining allows to avoid polishing that would affect the surface shape precision. With the same quality and precision of the prototyping we also manufacture the insert for mold in order to obtain  the same level of precision and surface quality for the molded part as well.

Lavorazione Standard Lavorazione Diamond Turning
Tolleranze Geometriche <10 mm  < 10nm 
Tolleranza P-V 10 mm  10nm 
Rugosità superficiale <1mm  1nm 
Raggio minimo utensile 0.2mm  <1mm 
Prototipazione Plastica

Diamond turning manufacturing offers the best overall quality in terms of the prototyping, but it is a time-expensive process, in particular in the case of complex and big structures, with the consequence of long-lead time and high manufacturing costs. Therefore, when more pieces of the same type are required by the specific application, the cost is scaled according to the machining time. For this type of prototyping, where few pieces of the same components are required,we develop chip silicone molds suitable for the task. When more parts are required, the best option is to develop a pilot mold in alluminum suitable to mold some thousands of pieces.

In addition to the prototyping of optical parts, we also offer the housing/mounding opto-mechanics prototypes made by machining or rapid prototyping, according to the required precision level. Also for this activity we can manage the workflow from the prototyping to the production by adopting the appropriate technical solutions, taking into account the quantity and quality expected for the final product.

We can therefore support our customers through all steps of product development, from the concept stage to the final mass production, step by step and considering its specificity.

prototipazione ottica
ottica vetro


In addition to the plastic optics prototyping, we also manufacture glass components both for illumination and imaging. For illumination we can provide cost effective molded glass solution while for imaging we provide components made by classical polishing procedure on standard test plate or by diamond turning for hi-end applications.