Vision and Lightning Systems


In this field, optics is applied in order to create vision and lighting systems. This latter, often linked to the first, involves shape error analyses based on structured illumination, investigation of material anisotropy using polarized light, laser systems for metrology (i.e. in barrier system) and for material processing.

Along with the above-described systems, we develop imaging optics for dimensional analysis such as telecentric optics, in-line color-evaluation systems, Time-of-flight based systems both with cameras and lidar, and, overall, any type of monitoring system.

Misura Industriale

We have created applications for the most varied types of production chains from textile to steel, agriculture as well as glass industry. We have devised laser-power systems for the cutting and quenching of materials using laser bar clusters and developed lasers systems for range finder/lidar.In short, whichever field of application you may require, likely we have already contributed in the same moment of our thirty-year activity, at different levels, to its development.


We adopt solutions based on diode lasers and VCSEL. These sources are used for dimensional measurement or scattering operations as well as for creating high-power clusters for mechanical production.

sistemi laser

In these types of systems, anisotropies in transparent means may result in alterations in polarization. This can be detected by the combination of polarization filters. Camera systems can help spot the imperfection in the affected component.

Telecentric systems are applied in monitoring systems to avoid perspective errors and so they can provide accurate measurement independently from their distance from the target element/object (within a pre-established range of distance). Their inconvenience is that their dimension is bound to grow to fit that of the target object and so does their cost. We are working on new solutions to overcome this limit and develop a cost-effective telecentric system.


We use our vision systems for in-line colorimetric and spectrophotometric analysis for different applications..

The multispectral analysis allows for the use of wavelengths over a broad spectrum and to perform the diagnostics of materials and their treatments.

analisi fotometrica